Walking Man

The Walking Man Comes To Greenfield

Walking Man line art

Have you seen him?  I mean he’s only 10’ 6” tall, made of industrial strength steel on a 4’ x 5’ concrete base. Artistically expressed, our Walking Man statue seems to be a visitor from the future of art.

Where will he be next?  That’s anyone’s guess and our way of getting you to explore Greenfield and Hancock County.  His whole adventure started at a very prominent location….at the center of downtown Greenfield right out front of City Hall.  Where will he call home next? That’s for us to know and you to find out.  Our Walking Man statue will travel across Greenfield and Hancock County this summer and we hope you will find where he lands next.

Why is he calling Greenfield home now?  The Hancock County Arts and Cultural Council (HCCAC) is responsible for bringing the Walking Man statue to Greenfield.  We’ve done this for several reasons:

  1. The HCCAC mission is to foster, support, and promote the arts, humanities and education and cultural activities in Hancock County and its surrounding areas.  We want to be the leader in introducing the arts to Hancock County.
  2. For the fun of art.  What better way to introduce the fun side of art to the community than a 10’ 6” artistically expressed statue walking around Hancock County this summer?
  3. To share a vision with the Community.  A vision of someday having art along the Pennsy Trail.  Can you see it?  Art depicting our history, art that is educational in nature, art that is expressive and captivates your imagination.  This vision is taking shape and gaining ground as a small but dedicated group known as the Pennsy Trail Art Group, which includes the HCCAC, meets monthly to make this vision a reality.  Art along the Pennsy – can you see it?

We hope you enjoy the Walking Man statue as he travels Greenfield and Hancock County this summer.  We hope you have as much fun finding him as we have had bringing him to Hancock County.

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