Artist Members


Doris Althaus

Rebekah Arvin (Watercolor, Abstract, Landscapes, Portraits)

Carol Barrett (Painting)

Amy Cheshier (Tattoo Artist)

Daniel T. Driggs

Joanie Fitzwater

Greg Gearlds (Photographic Art and Paintings with Acrylics and Oils)

Sandy Hall (Painting, Art Instruction, Murals)

John Hansberry

Rachel Holmes (Indie Art Studio)

Cathleen Huffman (Painting)

Bob Hunt (Painting)

Michelle Kimberlin (Painting, Art Instruction)

Patrick Kluesner (Painting)

Donald C. Mote

Leanor Papai (Painting)

Christopher Sickels (Illustration, 3-D)

Deborah Smith (painting in all media, home portraits, murals)

Steven A. Smith (Oil Painting, Murals)

Donna Steele (Writer, Columnist)

Rob and Cynthia Stonerock

Gale Sturm (Oil Painting, Stained Glass, Photography)

Kurt Vetters (Painting, Writing)

Joan Webb (Multi-media, Book Arts, Fiber Art)

Adam Wilson (Nature Photography: Focus on Birds)

Mary M. Wilson  (Unique Acrylic Abstract)

Marilyn Witt

Joan Yauch (Painting)

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