Artist Members

Hancock County has a wealth of talented artists in the visual and performance arts. Many of these local artists are supporting members of our organization, and we list them here –

2015 Artist Members

Joan Yauch-                                               Watercolor
Jean Ellenberger                                      Music
Leanor Papai                                          Painting – Oil, Watercolor
Carlos Seal                                              Painting
Penny Pickett Ricks                                Painting, Silver and gold jewelry (Artique on FB)
Margie Prim                                            Painting
Sandy Hall                                                 Painting, tile murals, art camps for children in the summer
Beth Schwier                                            Painting
Donald C. Mote                                       Painting
Maureen May                                          Painting
Rhonda Bontrager                                  Painting
Dennis Atkins                                         Air Brush
Lawrence Rudolech                                 Painting
Jean Smith                                                Painting
Chris Sickles                                            Illustration
Jim and Joan Webb                              Fiberart and Wood Carving
Judith Lynn Smith                                 Painting – Oil painting
Rebekah Arvin                                         Watercolors, Lanscapes, Portraits, Abstracts, Rural Scenes
William/Sharon Rieske                        Painting, Iron Sculpture, Jewelry, Industrial Design
Mark L. Galbraith                                  Photography
Ouida Norris                                           Acrylic, oil, watercolor
Steve Smith                                           Painting
Mark Leslie                                            Photography
Nancy Leslie                                          Photography

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