Katz Finch Photography, Closing Reception

Date(s) - Jun 29 2018
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Twenty North Gallery


Meet Katz. You’ll be fascinated with how she achieved the images in this show from an iPhone5.

This is the last chance to see Katz Finch’s art-photograpy show, “Rolling on the Blue Marble.” Katz is fascinating when she talks about her extraordinary work made from ordinary iPhone shots with apps and various techniques. Many of the finished photos would pass for abstract watercolor paintings. Here’s her description of the exhibit:

The show is about a snapshot or the slices of our life at a moment in time on a tiny segment of our Blue Marble.

We live on a blue marble and I find it ironic that when I use my iPhone map, the marker is a little round blue dot that looks like a blue marble.

This show is about how the moments of our lives are remembered. It’s not like we remember a moment of our life and everything is crystal clear and in focus. We remember time slices in visual abstractions

I created this show when my husband and I were driving a newly purchased car home from California in the spring of 2014. We spent several days “rolling” on the blue marble. I have a hard time sitting still or at least sitting and doing nothing.

As he drove, I took long exposure pictures of the scenery, including the highway, with my iPhone 5. I ended up creating slice-of-life visual abstractions, feeling the various moments as we rolled along in life and on our planet.

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